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5 tips for getting fans on the Facebook page

1. Invite friends to like the homepage

The new Facebook business homepage has no fans, and the first one is the first home fan. Suppose a personal account has 500-1000 friends, click to invite friends to like, and the conversion rate is 10%, then there are 50-100 homepage fans, which will become the initial fans of the business homepage. Since these converted fans are from "friends," they are more likely to interact with the business homepage. Invite a friend to praise the homepage, you need to pay attention to relevance, which requires you to put your friends in the relevant people of the product when you add friends. If there are not many people in 500 friends who may be interested in the product, even if you send out an invitation, you should be invited to like it. There will not be many people.

2. Content distribution accumulation fans

Content delivery is not a simple daily photo posting (showing your existence(). The measure by which content is effectively attracted to fans is the number of times the content is forwarded. High-quality content is more likely to attract new fans to the homepage due to higher forwarding times. If you find that some users have a higher interaction rate with the homepage, you can also actively share the homepage to fans.

3. Advertising Promote Your Page to improve fans

Don't be scared away by “paying”. After all, accumulating friends and producing high-quality content to attract fans will take a long time to precipitate. If you pay a little money to get the result of rapid powder increase, this method can also be considered. Promote Your Page has two ways to increase the number of fans. First, the advertising backend, the advertising backstage needs to set more items (ad type, audience, budget, delivery period, etc.).

4. Join the group, add group friends to invite the homepage or forward the homepage content to the group

The group has actually gathered users with similar interests or needs. After entering the group, they add relatively active group friends as friends, so that they can invite these group members to praise the Facebook homepage; another way can forward the homepage content to the group. Sometimes the forwarding group needs to be approved by the group owner, and at the same time avoid the marketing nature is too strong, causing group members to resent.

5. Using Tag techniques to let friends spread the content of the homepage

The ingenuity of Tag is that Tag can automatically push the home page that needs to be manually shared. After tagging some users, it is equivalent to the fact that these users forwarded our information on their homepage, which is a meaning of secondary transmission. But since Facebook is also tightening the functionality of Tag, all, using Tag later may not have the desired effect.
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